Dr. Charlie Kautz grew up in Paducah, Kentucky. As a young man, he took a great interest in science, the human body and most importantly, music. He was always active in athletics, which continued into high school where he was a standout athlete in cross country and track & field. During his senior cross country season, he developed shin splints and “runner’s knee”, for which he began seeing a Chiropractor. To his surprise, he quickly saw tremendous improvement in these conditions and it was this experience that initially sparked an interest in pursuing a career to help sick people get well.

Dr. Charlie Kautz is a licensed Chiropractor and an Active Release (ART) certified provider, a state-of-the-art technique that directly treat specific muscles to relieve pain symptoms and improve range of motion. After years of observing and working with musicians, Dr. Charlie utilizes a unique combination of advanced myofascial and Chiropractic techniques, along with kinesiology taping protocols, to address these underlying causes of repetitive stress injury. He is a member of the Chiropractic Performing Arts Network (CPAN), a nation-wide network of chiropractors who share common vision of providing natural healthcare to performing artists by enhancing performance, increasing vitality and creativity, and increasing overall body awareness.

Dr. Charlie believes that proper nutrition, movement and positive thinking are the keys to a healthy lifestyle. He is a firm believer that Chiropractic care paired with functional and rehabilitative movement exercises will allow a patient to return to optimal health and maximize their performance in daily activities. He prides himself on providing an educational experience with each session with his patients. Dr. Charlie is well-versed in the diagnosis and treatment of injuries that plague professional touring musicians, but also has the ability to adapt his treatment protocols to every type of patient of all ages. He has a keen interest in nutrition supplementation and the prevention and treatment of repetitive stress injury. He is up to date on the latest Chiropractic treatment and management protocols and looks forward to helping you achieve optimal health and wellness and maximizing your performance!

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