Roleo Arm and Hand Massager




The Roleo Massager (pat.pen.) was invented by a Licensed Massage Therapist to treat Repetitive Stress Injuries in his forearms, wrists and hands from thousands of hours of massage work. While heat, ice, exercise and stretching helped, deep tissue massage of the forearms and trigger point compression were necessary to release the tension in the muscles responsible for hand and wrist movement. Roleo (pat. pen.) provides such a treatment.

Easy to use
No electricity or batteries needed
Costs less than one massage
Feels great; enjoyable to use.
How ROLEO works:

Roleo attempts to replicate the action of massage, specifically effleurage, trigger point, and deep tissue techniques. These techniques have been shown in published studies to help chronic hand and wrist conditions. Roleo allows you to self-apply these techniques, and Roleo users let us know how well Roleo has worked for them.

Most people enjoy using their Roleos. Occasionally, people find the Roleo massage to be little too strong. This can be minimized by wearing a long-sleeved sweatshirt for extra cushioning, but with time, most people can tolerate more pressure. Just go slowly and increase as desired. Soreness means your muscles really need the massage.

Roleo can be used as needed, for a few minutes at a time. It can be used once in the morning or evening, or at your desk or table or counter throughout the day. As in professional Trigger Point Therapy, it is NOT RECOMMENDED to hold pressure on a sore spot or trigger point for more than 90 seconds at a time, as pain, numbness or other symptoms may develop or worsen. Please use carefully and as directed.

IF SYMPTOMS WORSEN or you suspect any acute injury (fracture, sprain, strain or muscle/tendon tear), do not use the Roleo, and consult your physician. If you experience more than a moderate, therapeutic level of pain while using the Roleo, stop immediately. If pain does not go away, consult your physician.

How to use the Roleo Arm and Hand Massager:

Place Roleo on a flat surface, such as a desk or table. For optimal benefits, the device should be at the same level as your computer keyboard usually is, about the height of your elbows with arms hanging straight down from the shoulders while seated at a desk or table.

Roleo may be used with or without suctions cups. If desired, carefully remove the four black rubber “feet” in the base of the frame and push the top end of the suction cups into the slot and slide until a tight fit is achieved. Suction cups only work properly on a smooth surface like polished wood, metal, plastic or glass.

Use with elbows bent, forearms parallel to the floor, while seated, or use the Roleo on higher countertop while standing, or place on lap in a seated position.

Place one hand on the top-mounted knob/handle. It is best at first to adjust the pressure to the lightest, by turning it counterclockwise until it stops. If using suction cups, you need not hold unit with other hand after setting tension.


Slip fingertips of your other hand between the rollers, and gently push arm forward until the crook (upper side) of elbow is nearly touching the rollers, AND NO FURTHER. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO USE ABOVE ELBOW.

With your arm between the rollers, use a slow “push and pull” motion to massage the muscles of your forearm. Adjust the pressure to your liking. Start out at the lightest setting and then slowly increase.

Concentrate on the areas where you feel tension. Stop on a particularly tight or painful area and hold your arm still to keep the pressure on that “pressure point” or “trigger point.” Rotate the wrist gently, thereby stretching the muscle under the pressure of the roller.

Turn the palm side of the forearm up toward the upper roller, to aim the ridges of the roller into muscles on the palm side of the arm that feel tight or sore.

Gently move the wrist or hand in and out of the rollers, concentrating the ridges of the upper roller in between the bones of the wrist, hand and fingers. This can help ease arthritis pain, according to our customers. Contact between the roller surface and a bony part of the hand, arm or wrist may feel a little uncomfortable at first, but this discomfort will usually lessen with use.

Adjust to lower pressure to decrease discomfort. Happy Rolling!