Chiropractic Adjustments

Chiropractic adjustment (also known as spinal manipulation) is the way in which a trained chiropractor restores proper function to your body by locating and adjusting a musculoskeletal area of the body that is functioning improperly. This can be done by using their hands or a small instrument to bring manipulation to the vertebrae. The goals are to correct structural alignment, improve your body’s physical function and restore range of motion. No special preparation is required before a chiropractic adjustment.

Instead of treating the symptoms of disease, chiropractic adjustments are given to correct the subluxation so that normal body functions may take place. This is done by the use of a chiropractor’s hands on your back and/or by a small instrument to gently line up the vertebrae in their natural position. This process may take weeks or months depending on the amount of misalignment. The nerve supply may then be restored throughout the body, and healing can take place. As your body heals, the symptoms begin to diminish. Chiropractic adjustments have proven to be safe and effective by a skilled professional.

Active Release Technique (ART)

Active Release Technique (ART) is a soft tissue therapy designed to rid injured areas of scar tissue. Here at Epic Performance, LLC we incorporate ART in our treatment of musculoskeletal disorders to remedy injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome, shin splints, rotator cuff injuries, sciatica, plantar fasciitis, knee problems, tennis elbow, headaches, and back pain. All of theses conditions tend to have one thing in common: the result of an overused muscle.

We are all prone to over-using muscles while at work and in our daily lives, no matter the occupation. Overuse Syndrome is common in our society. As a result of our work duties, athletic events and daily lives, we are all at risk of developing this syndrome due to repetitive stresses on the same structures. These stresses may not be painful at first, but the body learns to compensate for long term use resulting in the soft tissue adapting and changing over time.

As scar tissue builds up the following may occur:
• Muscles become shorter and weaker
• Tension on tendons causes tendonitis
• Nerves can become entrapped

Each of these factors contribute to symptoms such as:
• Reduced Range of Motion
• Loss of Strength
• Pain
• Nerve entrapment (If a nerve is trapped, it can cause numbness and tingling in the
affected area.)

Scar tissue serves the body the same way patch repairs do on small cracks in the road. When muscles or other tissues are overstressed or injured, our bodies use scar tissue as a patch repair. This is naturally how your body heals. If the source of the injury is not corrected, the tissue will accumulate too much scar tissue creating a problem. This is similar to when a road has had too many patch repairs and no longer smooth.

ART is a way to smooth out your muscles and tissue or “resurface the road”. It is not a massage technique which is used for decreasing muscle tension.This technique works out the scar tissue and helps the tissues to heal normally with long lasting results. It is important to note that pain, numbness or other symptoms may not be resolved if the scar tissue is not broken up or the source of the tension is not discovered. Our highly trained chiropractor is knowledgeable in ART and will perform a careful, thorough exam.

For more information on Active Release Techniques®, please visit their website:, or contact us today.

Rock Tape

(I would title this section Kinesiology Taping or Kinesio tape instead. It is better-known in the Chiro community. Fun fact: They even mentioned this technique during the Pro Bowl.)

Kinesiology Taping is a precise rehabilitative taping technique that is designed to facilitate the body’s natural healing process while providing support and stability to muscles and joints. This technique allows the body’s normal range of motion as well as providing extending soft tissue manipulation to prolong the benefits of manual therapy administered within the clinical setting. Kinesio tape is latex-free and hypoallergenic which makes it “skin friendly” for patients with sensitive or fragile skin; such as, patients with diabetes, fibromyalgia or rheumatoid arthritis. You can wear it for days at a time even in the shower or pool without peeling off, because it is heat-activated. It is safe for populations ranging from pediatric to geriatric and successfully treats a variety of orthopedic, neuromuscular, neurological and other medical conditions. Kinesiology Taping is a therapeutic taping technique that not only offers patients the support they are looking for but also rehabilitates the affected condition as well. By targeting different receptors within the somatosensory system, kinesiology tape alleviates pain and

facilitates lymphatic drainage by microscopically lifting the skin. This lifting affect forms convolutions in the skin thus increasing interstitial space and allowing for a decrease in inflammation of the affected areas.

Kinesio tape was developed in an effort to decrease pain, decrease edema (swelling), assist muscle function and ultimately improve joint function. It was designed to simulate human skin in thickness and weight. In addition, it has an elastic component that allows it to stretch 30% to 40% beyond its original length. Based upon years of clinical use, kinesiology tape is specifically applied to the patient based upon their needs after evaluation. The findings of the clinical assessment dictate the specifics of the kinesiology tape application as well as indicate if other treatments or modalities are needed. Kinesiology tape can be applied in many different ways and has proven to be effective in treating a wide variety of issues.

Here are a list of some of those issues:

  • Post-surgical edema to promote lymphatic drainage Treatment of muscle spasms and muscle weakness Muscle Reeducation
  • Pelvic Cross Syndrome Upper Cross Syndrome
  • Re-educate the neuromuscular system Reduce pain and inflammation Enhance performance
  • Prevent injury
  • Promote good circulation and healing
  • Assist in body homeostasis (its natural balanced, healthy and pain-free state)

Although the exact mechanism by which proprioceptive taping is effective are unclear, its clinical effects are significant and immediate especially in relieving pain, promoting altered movement patterns, and allowing earlier progression of rehabilitation. Taping, in conjunction with manual therapy, therapeutic exercises, and patient education, is a useful adjunct in treating muscles imbalances and impaired movement patterns. (Portions of this research was taken from Rehabilitation of the Spine, 2007.)

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If you want to learn more about Kinesiology Taping and see if it is right for you, please contact Epic Performance, LLC to set up an appointment for your own evaluation.

IATSM Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation or Simply IASTM is a new range of motion tool which enables clinicians to efficiently locate and treat individuals diagnosed with soft tissue dysfunction. IASTM is performed with ergonomically designed instruments that detect and treat fascial restrictions, encourage rapid localization and effectively treat areas exhibiting soft tissue fibrosis, chronic inflammation, or degeneration.
IASTM treatments have been scientifically proven to be effective in resolving pain and tension in the body. Years of detailed research have confirmed the validity of these treatments, and we are proud to offer these services here in our office.

The tools utilized in this treatment are helpful in the early detection and treatment of fascial dysfunction. Abnormalities in the fascia are magnified through this treatment making them easier to identify and treat. By using a tool instead of the hands to treat the affected area, there is a reduction in friction as well as an increased sensitivity and depth that regular manipulation and massage alone cannot accomplish. By focusing and isolating the pressure with a tool smaller than your finger, less friction is applied to the affected area and the treatment is more effective. Our goal with this treatment option is to trigger an inflammatory healing response, stimulating new collagen production and pain-free healing.