“Dr. Charlie has aligned my spine and neck right before some of Moon Taxi’s biggest performances. I feel my best on stage when I have more energy and range of motion throughout the set. This greatly affects my performance with the ability to move freely during the music’s most energetic moments. Dr. Charlie’s ability to make his patients feel comfortable and at ease is an integral part of what he does with each visit. This is very important for me before show time! He has also taught me the value of good posture and how to be more conscious about it throughout the day. Everyone should visit and learn from Dr. Charlie!”
Wes Bailey, keyboardist (Moon Taxi)

“My neck is still feeling good after signing hundreds of books thanks to Charlie’s adjustment. Much appreciated!” 
John Densmore, drummer (The Doors)

“Big shout out to Charlie Kautz for his work prior to our show in Nashville.  Holistic and body working genius.”
-Bo Koster, keyboardist (My Morning Jacket)

“I met Dr. Kautz at Austin City Limits this year. After a year and a half on the road with Billy Idol, I had started to build up tension in my neck, forearms and shoulders, as our live show is very physically demanding. Charlie showed up 30 minutes before our show and spent 10 minutes with me. Immediately I felt relief in my arms and my rotator cuff. It was like my blood could start flowing in these areas again and it helped tremendously. I have come to see him in Wisconsin and he has taken me through stretches and exercises that will surely prevent future issues. The fact that his focus is so pointed to your specific instrument, combined with his general skills, makes him as unique and necessary as coffee in the morning.”
-Erik Eldenius, drummer (Billy Idol)

“Thanks for all of your good work keeping me up and running at the shows. The music is better as a result, Charlie!”
-Joel Cummins, keyboardist (Umphrey’s McGee)

“When I say Dr Charlie Kautz is changing lives, I mean it wholeheartedly. This gentleman came to the show last night and adjusted the entire band and crew. We are so lucky that he now calls Nashville home. THANK YOU Dr. Charlie. You were the topic of discussion long after you left!!”
Jennifer Hartswick, trumpet/vox (Trey Anastasio Band)

“My friend Dr. Charlie Kautz is an amazing chiropractor who specializes in treating musicians and our specific needs. I’ve had several issues with numbness in my hand, frozen shoulder etc. and I’m feeling great today thanks to his treatment and advice. Go see him!”
-Alana Rocklin, bass (STS9)

“After 16 years of being on the road, bass playing finally caught up with me and I started having some pain in my joints and arms. I enjoy pain, but not pain while I’m playing. Dr. Charlie Kautz made me feel good and fixed my arms up nice so I can play bass all night long.”
Ryan Stasik, bassist (Umphreys McGee)

“I really appreciate Dr. Charlie Kautz’s work all the time and I think you would too. He’ll crack you up!”
Kris Myers, drummer (Umphrey’s McGee)

Best hands in the biz…”
-Jake Cinninger, guitarist (Umphrey’s McGee)

“Thank you for the best healing ever, brother! This was a highlight of my life.”
-Derek Vincent Smith, producer (Pretty Lights)

“Woke up this morning with a crick in my neck!!! Thanks to Dr. Kautz for his chiropractic work now I’m all fixed up and ready to rock!!!!!”
-Allie Kral, fiddle/vocalist (Yonder Mountain String Band)

“Shout out to the good doctor for the adjustment! Back feels great today. This man is a miracle worker.”
-Michal Menert, producer (Michal Menert)

“Charlie is by far the most brilliant chiropractor I have ever had the pleasure of working with, he completely understands the industry and world as an artist and has helped me in so many ways physically and emotionally to enhance my performance. He also fixed an existing injury I had experienced for months in one session. Can’t recommend his expertise enough.”
-Dena Kaplan, producer/singer/dancer (Dena Amy)

“Woke up in Kalamazoo! Hands, neck and back feeling good thanks to the Musician’s Physician, Dr. Charlie.  Tour friends, check him out.  He travels around working with different bands to work out the kinks in our hands so we can feel good and play our best on the road.”
-Ben Alleman, guitarist/keyboardist (Grace Potter

“Charlie is the absolute best! I’ve seen this man in action many times now and everyone who he works on comes out brand new on the other side. An absolute must have for any performer, touring or otherwise. Thanks for everything Charlie!”
Matt Musty, drummer (Grace Potter)

“Dr. Charlie! We appreciate you so much and wish you could be at every show! Thanks for doing what you do. Blessings.”
-Mike Rempel, guitarist (Lotus)

“I feel like a kid again!”
-Freddy Kennett, producer (Louis The Child)

“Charlie is a true lifesaver.  Super high quality and knowledgable.  Thanks for meeting us today, brother.  We’ll look forward seeing you next time around.”
-Dustin Hook, bassist (Dan+Shay)

“Neck, back, no longer outa wack!  I’m a new man.  Thanks Dr. Kautz.”
-Justin Mark Richards, guitarist (Dan+Shay)

“Charlie is the best.  I felt like I was floating after my session!!”
-Izaac Burkhart, keyboardist/guitarist (Dan+Shay)

“Thanks for always knowing exactly what we need before we even do!  You adjust our bones, juice us up and, in general, supercharge us so we can do what we love.  Thanks for always being there to make sure we’re on point and sharing your art with us!  Much love.”
-Jason Huber, bassist/vocalist (Cherub)

“You’re the man!  Beyond helping us feel a million times better, it’s been amazing having your energy around all of us on tour.”
-Jordan Kelly, guitarist/vocalist (Cherub)

“I just had some work done by Dr. Charlie Kautz and I just have to say it’s amazing and I feel great. My range of motion is 5-10x better than it was before. I’m so much more limber, I’m faster, I have no pain, my back stays way straighter and I can do a lot more when I’m playing drums. My arms, legs, knees, ankles and hips just work way better. I recommend Charlie to every musician I know- to get treated by him whenever you’re on the road or can see him.”
-Vinnie Amico, drummer (moe.)

“Thanks Dr. Charlie. Peace.”
Common, hip-hop artist/actor

“I work with Dr. Charlie at the club and theater shows we put on, as well as all the festivals I see him at. Before I play, he helps take care of my voice and stretches out my arms, hands and wrists. The things he does truly encourages better performances out of people and it’s a very good service for us to have. Everybody loves Dr. Charlie because he’s super cool and can interact on the same level as all the artists.”
Michael Harrison Berg, owner/promoter (Silver WrapperConcord Music HallNorth Coast Music FestivalSuwannee HulaweenTaste of RandolphChicago Bluegrass & Blues Festival); guitarist/vocalist (Van Ghost)

“This guy has saved me on multiple occasions. What a human.”
-Patrick Corcoran, Manager (Chance the Rapper)

“I had never been to a chiropractor before…Charlie found my stress areas, did his thing and I was absolutely so energized for my set. I had never been that comfortable on stage in my life, my posture felt incredible. THANKS DUDE!”
-Imad-Roy El-Amine (Imad Royal)

“Hey Charlie, thank you so much for some much-needed adjustments this past weekend. I stopped by the chiro room on a whim, not sure of the source of my thumb tingling, but your adjustments really helped me both physically and psychologically so I could concentrate on my job. For the first time in months, I can now give you 2 thumbs up! Thanks again.”
-Jefferson Waful, Lighting Director (Umphrey’s McGee)

“Dr. Charlie was exactly what the Bassnectar crew and artist needed.  We first met in the middle of a wild festival run where we were on with a lot of flights, van travel, and a new hotel (bed) every night).  Not only did he he align us, but he set us straight with a ginger shot and tips on stretches to keep us well – ones I used in my hotel room as often as I could.  Hope to see him again soon!”
-Aren Gelfond, Production Manager (BassnectarSpace Buffalo)

“Dr. Kautz just saved my neck, literally.  Milwaukee based chiropractor who works with touring musicians.  No more shooting pains for me!”
-Nicole Fiorentino, bassist (The Smashing Pumpkins, Veruca Salt, The Cold and Lovely)

“For years I’ve had tension and pain issues in my hands, wrists, and arms due to playing and performing drums. Charlies adjustments and chiropractic work has been the most beneficial treatment I’ve ever received in alleviating these problems. After a session with Charlie, my entire body feels looser and more aligned, and I notice a significant reduction in the tension I feel in my arms, allowing me to play looser and end a show with my arms feeling good, not tight and sore. I’m confident that whatever physical issues you may be having, especially if you are a musician, Charlie can help you immensely. On top of all that, he’s a super cool dude. Thanks Charlie!”
– Steve Florian, drummer (Indigo Sun)

“Since I started seeing Dr. Charlie on a weekly basis, my musical performance level is at an all time high! I was diagnosed with a bulging disc in my spine and it does not help that I have to strap a 30 pound bass around my neck for hours at a time. Not only has Dr. Charlie helped to fix my problem, but has also given me advice on posture and pre-show warm ups to prevent further aggravation. My overall mobility and the fact that I’m not in pain on stage frees my mind and body to and allows me to focus on the music.”
-Jason Haeberlin, bassist/producer (Undercover OrganismPlaid Hawaii)

“Dr. Charlie does wonders with the spine! As a person who is constantly active, working as a nurse during the day and playing music all night, the stress that I harbor in my upper back can start to build on me. Charlie has some tricks up his sleeve for getting rid of the aches and pains that keep me from playing and feeling my best.”
-Ian Hutchinson, guitarist

“Charlie has helped increase my range of movement and comfort while playing music as well as in everyday activities, and has also allowed me to become conscious of how I carry out my routines. The first time he did some work on my arms and back was the day of a show, and after he was done it was quite possibly the loosest my arms have ever felt while playing. Dr. Charlie can provide you relief and he is highly qualified, professional, and very personable. I recommend his services to anyone who has experienced any of these issues that get in the way of accomplishing their daily necessities or lifelong goals.”
–Rick Carlson, drummer

“Seeing Dr. Charlie is one of my favorite things. Always shows up with a slew of vitamins, juices, and loads of musicians oriented chiropractic knowledge. Most importantly he always shows up with an amazing attitude that permeates through to anyone near by. When our crew finds out we are going to see him, moods are instantly lifted.  Not only is he one of my favorite human beings, his level of professionalism is unsurpassable. Dr. Charlie truly cares about his clients giving any and all advice he can to help your body out, often times he will even email you advice if he sees a simple Facebook post complaining of pain.  In one adjustment, months of neglect to my body from touring are erased.  I’ve even had a BROKEN rib fixed by this magic man!  If I could have Charlie with me every show we play I would be the happiest man alive. If you’re an artist or part of a touring crew get in touch with Dr. Charlie Kautz, trust me you will not regret it.”
-Keegan Westervelt, Production Manager (Cherub)

“Why can’t every festival have Dr. Charlie Kautz behind the stage, ready to give me an adjustment after the set?”
-Ryan Hug, Tour Manager (Cherub)

“We’d love to give a big shout out to Dr. Charlie Kautz! Having a chiropractor who comes on site to the venue to get the artists adjusted and ready to play the best sets possible really helps make our venue stand out .We appreciate it and I know the artists do too!”
The Miramar Theatre/Brew City Bass (Milwaukee, WI)

“A BIG THANKS to Dr. Charlie Kautz for giving me a pre-Soap show treatment at Summer Camp Music Festival. He was just what I needed when my lower back pain kicked in.”
-Eric Krapf, guitarist (Soap)

“A special thanks out to Dr. Charlie Kautz for stopping by at our show in Milwaukee last night and getting us dialed in and moving forward. Make sure you check him out.”
-Freekbass, bassist

“Dr. Kautz was very quick to identify the flaws in my posture and was able to make adjustments that definitely loosened me up for my performance. On top of that he gave sound advice for daily exercises to counteract my poor posture. Thanks!”
-Ben Combe, guitarist (Particle)

“Charlie hooked it up before our Halloween gig and it helped tremendously!! Thanks for the great work Doc!”
-Andrew Block, guitarist

“I want to say a HUGE thanks to Dr. Charlie Kautz for fixing my back at Summer Camp Music Festival this weekend. I was in bad shape after a weekend of no sleep, plane rides, and lots of driving. However, after one session, I honestly felt and still feel better than I have in years. Top notch doc and dude, musician friends especially, check him out!”
-Jacob Barinholtz, drummer (Manic FocusThe Coop)

“Dr. Charlie did some work on me when I was touring with my band. We had been sore from driving the previous two days. Without even telling him what was hurting me, Charlie intuitively knew and fixed my body easily. I’ve never felt so good!”
-Kevin Friedman (Carousel, Daywave)

“A real highlight of my festival experience was getting chiropractic work done by Dr. Charlie Kautz. Charlie is a musicians chiropractor and really knows his stuff. I got fully aligned and he even loosened up my forearms and wrists for drumming! Since then, I haven’t felt the need to crack my back once, and can truly say I feel better than ever! Thanks Charlie! I suggest looking him up, musician or not!”
-Collin O’Brien, drummer (Low Spark, Travelling Without Moving)

“I just had my first session with Charlie. Wow…can’t wait to crush the House of Blues tomorrow!!!”
-Chris Anderson, drummer (SunSquabi)

“Dr. Charlie!!! What a guy. I’ve had issues with my shoulder for a few years now. That has led to issues throughout my entire arm, especially while playing percussion. After spending some time with the doc before our show last night, I can’t explain how much of a difference it made. Not just physically, but mentally as well…it was nice to feel good to the point that i was free of any mental restrictions that might typically be there when attempting to avoid further pain. I thank you Charlie! Please give this guy your time, you won’t regret it, neither will your body!!”
-Todd Trettin, percussionist (Stereo Frontier)

“I played the show of my life tonight. I normally get fatigued when jumping around while playing guitar but Dr. Charlie made me feel no pain during my performance. He is the most down to earth man you will meet. Please see Dr. Charlie if you have any shoulder or neck pains. He tuned me up and my body has never felt better after an hour long set.”
-Brian Koceja, Guitarist (Stereo Frontier)

“Thanks for setting me straight doc!!! I hope to see you again soon”
-Psydell, producer 

“Got my back fixed up by Dr. Charlie Kautz, Epic Performance Chiropractic. Musicians; look him when you’re in Milwaukee.”
-Alex Steele, vocalist/keyboardist (Roster McCabe, Travelling Without Moving)

“I could go on at arms length how Dr. Charlie’s wonderful personality is on par with the level of professionalism and dedication when it comes to his line of work. He provides a touch of class when understanding the clients issues, and explains his procedures and benefits every step of the way. Looking forward to catching another session at a show in the near future.”
-Bryan Reid (Pretty Lights Music, Mosaic, Thissongissick.com)

“Dr. Charlie is the best at what he does. It makes me look good as a promoter to go above and beyond and offer his services to touring artists.”
-Tyler Nikolas (Brew City Bass)